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August 7, 2009

What are you doing?

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Nothing in life quite compares to the feeling one experiences when purpose and dreams collide. (Naya)

I love to write. Nothing new about that. I love emptying my head of the thoughts that lie in it and put it on some pretty paper to visit at a later time and examine for evidence of spiritual or emotional growth. So imagine what happened when a story I wrote in college fascinated a friend so much, she encouraged me to expand the story and turn it into a book.

I had the priviledge of being educated at Gayaza High School where I had the opportunity to study African literature (Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka) and never really learned the history of the west since I was trying to understand the reason why the Mali empire fell and economy in Timbuktu (pronounced: Teem-book-two, or if you’re my history teacher teem-book-ooo-too). My sense of African-ness fits squarely around my middle and makes me passionate about stories from Africa with Africans.

The structure of the communities and the laws that governed people for thousands of years, the complex cultures that shaped societies, fashioned garments and raised families all move me. I want to write stories about them without criticism or analysis or comparison to any other. The dark skin and tightly curled hair, the smell of beans cooking with ghee and the bitter taste of nakati, dark and green on your plate. The vast Savannah with baboons playing under the shade of a big tree. The strong lean men and their equally strong shapely women, in whose bosoms numerous children and grandchildren lay for comfort and education. The deep mysteries surrounding beliefs that still echo through various morphisms of religion guiding us along a path to the place where our ancestors lay.

So take a walk with me as I write some of these stories. It’s pure fiction and full of magical creatures and fantastic imagery (if I do say so myself and can toot my horn a little bit), and I hope you will keep reading and stay a while.

Nature’s Way

I want it told


Post for Tumwi

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For my sister whose imagination would turn these clouds into a fabulous story. (I still sing “Follow me”)

Gorgeous clouds swirling close to the CN tower! It almost looked like a tornado was brewing!

Gorgeous clouds swirling close to the CN tower! It almost looked like a tornado was brewing!

How many words?

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How many words can you make from asiadonejrwgae?

I made orangeades!!! You?

My neigbourhood at night when I play weird word games with my roomie.

My neigbourhood at night when I play weird word games with my roomie.

August 6, 2009

Becoming more feminine

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Was told I don’t take time to make myself more feminine or confident.


I think I’m going to have to explore this a little more!

August 1, 2009


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This weekend is Caribbana weekend in Toronto.

Nappy, what is Caribbana? You ask? I TELL!

Most of the immigrants in Canada are from the Caribbean and every summer they hold a “festival” in Toronto. Throngs of black people pour into the streets. The girls are half naked and I think the boys are going that way too with the whole pants falling off the ass routine. On the way home (and it wasn’t even dark) a girl who was wearing some kind of onesie had half her ass out and this white guy hit a light pole looking back at it!!! I pointed and laughed.

Anyway tomorrow the parade will take place downtown and will pass close to my apartment so I’m going out with camera in hand to take some news worthy pictures. I’ll post one here, but my full commentary will be on http://discoveringtoronto.wordpress.com and I promise not to disappoint!!!

I think I’ll go back to watching all the people struggling to get lucky multiple times this weekend. Good luck to them!

PS. If there is a random ‘j’ somewhere in here please forgive me. My keyboard is on the fritz!

July 31, 2009

Mad Black Woman

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Irritation 1

So you think you can dance.

It’s an interesting show. To see how my views and the views of the chichies (according to the Australian who can’t say judges) completely CLASH, well, aside from their praise of Brandon, is quite interesting.

For centuries black people have been the butt of jokes for our thick lips, high cheekbones and big butts. THEN someone got praised for their features (they were not black) and now it’s all the rage. Then last night I heard the MOST ridiculous thing ever.

“Drop your hips.”

The person to whom this was said has a butt of a generous size, but not unlike the kind my brothers sport. Dropping your hips is supposed to make your butt smaller?!


Irritation 2

Obama has been cowering since his Gates comment. I don’t remember Bush saying sorry for sending hundreds of people to their deaths in the middle east based on a fucking lie.

Every black person in North America knows a black man has to tread lightly in the presence of police. If you ever speak up you’ll end up in cuffs on the inside of a jail. Why is this okay? Why is it always okay for a black man to cower in the presence of a white man no matter what their stature, education or respectability? Why can’t he stand as one man facing another?

Irritation 3

My stupid landlord thinks she can step on my neck. Okay. Who pays her fucking mortgage?


I’m having a difficult week with the whole race thing so forgive me while I do my angry black woman routine.  And forgive my french!

July 28, 2009


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It’s always an uphill battle.

Friendliness during the call.

Seeing the look as disappointment clouds their eyes…

Watching the wall fall down and the only door slams in your face squashing your big ol’ nose.

Walking away knowing it’s over and you just wasted 1/2 an hour talking to someone who won’t give you a job because of the color of your skin and the whether your genitals are inside or outside.

December 26, 2008


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If we agree that:-

children need to be protected and under the UN convention rights of a child have declared that the relationship between children and their biological parents has to be promoted and protected,


why haven’t we allowed children to appear in court to demand that their biological parents spend time with them and spend money on them?

Who fights for the rights of the least of God’s children?

December 24, 2008


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Too much puzzlement at previous post #4 and decided to elaborate.

My roommate is a new age hippie and I love her for it. She has a pet fish that ain’t got a name! It’s a common plec and eats only algae. It’s suposed to keep the tank clean by sucking the sides of the tank.

The common plec feeding on the side of a tank.

The common plec feeding on the side of a tank.

This picture isn’t our Plec.

Here is ours.

Our Plec

Our Plec

And this is his tank. He’s all alone.

Pleccy sucking on a rock

Pleccy sucking on a rock

He’s got a lot of rocks with jagged edges and the water level in the tank is really low. Either he can’t swim slowly or he’s trying to commit suicide but every couple of hours he zoooooms to the other side of the tank and his dorsal fin is torn!

Poor Pleccy.

Anyone want him?

December 18, 2008


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Well the weather outside is frightful... and there is no fire in here.

Well the weather outside is frightful... and there is no fire in here.

I don’t understand why

  1. Guys think that simply because I’m open to talking about their sexual issues, somehow I’m interested in sharing my porn. GET YOUR OWN!
  2. Receptionists treat people badly. Do they really think that one day they’ll not be sitting opposite me in MY conference room at MY table? And then what?
  3. Why people don’t realize that those cleavages you see, boobs all packed together like that, are indicative of SAGGY BOOBS. So what if mine hate each other and are 5 fingers apart (and growing futher and further apart)?
  4. Why people keep fish and yet don’t cover the tank to protect the water from dust, keep algae eating fish without providing it, keep the water so low that when the poor fish is trying to get to the next rock it tears it’s fin!
  5. Why swollen sagging lips have become more prevalent on the screen with people aching for Angelina Jolie lips! Do the bottom one as well! Even them out! Sheesh! Can you imagine kissing those saggy things… ugh!
  6. Why people let their dogs pee in perfectly good snowman making snow!

I’m just wondering.

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