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August 7, 2009

What are you doing?

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Nothing in life quite compares to the feeling one experiences when purpose and dreams collide. (Naya)

I love to write. Nothing new about that. I love emptying my head of the thoughts that lie in it and put it on some pretty paper to visit at a later time and examine for evidence of spiritual or emotional growth. So imagine what happened when a story I wrote in college fascinated a friend so much, she encouraged me to expand the story and turn it into a book.

I had the priviledge of being educated at Gayaza High School where I had the opportunity to study African literature (Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka) and never really learned the history of the west since I was trying to understand the reason why the Mali empire fell and economy in Timbuktu (pronounced: Teem-book-two, or if you’re my history teacher teem-book-ooo-too). My sense of African-ness fits squarely around my middle and makes me passionate about stories from Africa with Africans.

The structure of the communities and the laws that governed people for thousands of years, the complex cultures that shaped societies, fashioned garments and raised families all move me. I want to write stories about them without criticism or analysis or comparison to any other. The dark skin and tightly curled hair, the smell of beans cooking with ghee and the bitter taste of nakati, dark and green on your plate. The vast Savannah with baboons playing under the shade of a big tree. The strong lean men and their equally strong shapely women, in whose bosoms numerous children and grandchildren lay for comfort and education. The deep mysteries surrounding beliefs that still echo through various morphisms of religion guiding us along a path to the place where our ancestors lay.

So take a walk with me as I write some of these stories. It’s pure fiction and full of magical creatures and fantastic imagery (if I do say so myself and can toot my horn a little bit), and I hope you will keep reading and stay a while.

Nature’s Way

I want it told


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