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August 1, 2009


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This weekend is Caribbana weekend in Toronto.

Nappy, what is Caribbana? You ask? I TELL!

Most of the immigrants in Canada are from the Caribbean and every summer they hold a “festival” in Toronto. Throngs of black people pour into the streets. The girls are half naked and I think the boys are going that way too with the whole pants falling off the ass routine. On the way home (and it wasn’t even dark) a girl who was wearing some kind of onesie had half her ass out and this white guy hit a light pole looking back at it!!! I pointed and laughed.

Anyway tomorrow the parade will take place downtown and will pass close to my apartment so I’m going out with camera in hand to take some news worthy pictures. I’ll post one here, but my full commentary will be on http://discoveringtoronto.wordpress.com and I promise not to disappoint!!!

I think I’ll go back to watching all the people struggling to get lucky multiple times this weekend. Good luck to them!

PS. If there is a random ‘j’ somewhere in here please forgive me. My keyboard is on the fritz!



  1. i wish you knew what ‘j’ means in slang…so where are the pics???

    Comment by Sleek — August 2, 2009 @ 4:44 pm | Reply

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