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July 31, 2009

Mad Black Woman

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Irritation 1

So you think you can dance.

It’s an interesting show. To see how my views and the views of the chichies (according to the Australian who can’t say judges) completely CLASH, well, aside from their praise of Brandon, is quite interesting.

For centuries black people have been the butt of jokes for our thick lips, high cheekbones and big butts. THEN someone got praised for their features (they were not black) and now it’s all the rage. Then last night I heard the MOST ridiculous thing ever.

“Drop your hips.”

The person to whom this was said has a butt of a generous size, but not unlike the kind my brothers sport. Dropping your hips is supposed to make your butt smaller?!


Irritation 2

Obama has been cowering since his Gates comment. I don’t remember Bush saying sorry for sending hundreds of people to their deaths in the middle east based on a fucking lie.

Every black person in North America knows a black man has to tread lightly in the presence of police. If you ever speak up you’ll end up in cuffs on the inside of a jail. Why is this okay? Why is it always okay for a black man to cower in the presence of a white man no matter what their stature, education or respectability? Why can’t he stand as one man facing another?

Irritation 3

My stupid landlord thinks she can step on my neck. Okay. Who pays her fucking mortgage?


I’m having a difficult week with the whole race thing so forgive me while I do my angry black woman routine.  And forgive my french!


July 28, 2009


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It’s always an uphill battle.

Friendliness during the call.

Seeing the look as disappointment clouds their eyes…

Watching the wall fall down and the only door slams in your face squashing your big ol’ nose.

Walking away knowing it’s over and you just wasted 1/2 an hour talking to someone who won’t give you a job because of the color of your skin and the whether your genitals are inside or outside.

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