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March 26, 2008

luk mum aim writting

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Decided to pursue one of my passions. I’m going to take part in a poetry slam competition. I will be presenting in the style of spoken word and in case that makes no sense to you, watch this video

I’ve been inspired lately and here is one of my original pieces.

The Pinky and the Girl

Next week Pinky, we take over the World!

Sit there quietly
Don’t move a muscle
You’ll mess up your dress
Lemme fix your buckle

Strapped trapped and tied down
Natural curiosity for life brings a frown
While encouraging boys to clown
Bringing confusion around
Silly Barbies flung on the ground
Creativity straining against the bound
that has a choke hold on it

Come to the kitchen my love
Your Mama needs you
She feeds you
And wants you
To stop doing you
You selfish little bitch
Bring me a switch
Come help your Mama!

Wash the dishes
Fold the clothes
Take Dad’s socks
Massage his toes
And when all is said and done
Come I’ll find another way to spoil your fun.

Next week Pinky, we take over the World!

Don’t touch your body it’s dirty, unclean
Month after agonizing month from it streams

YUCK! Don’t touch it!

But mama, the boys want a touch
And I don’t want to be too much
I want to receive the kind of looks she gets
Just want someone to gently call me their pet
Listen ma, I don’t want you to fret
But tonight Imma give it all to Brett
See if he’ll let
me be me

Brett’s a bastard of course and ends up not petting anything.

Next week Pinky, we take over the World!

Oh so white she’s so virginal
Dad’s proud to look at his little angel
The little dot, the fruit of his loins
Obedient little creature result of a join
Between his genes and his sweethearts

But the furor within her soul is burning
Eminent volcano eruption is hiding
The rumbling discontent of her heart beginning
Causing dissent in her family and making
Each one question the other mistaking
The conflict inside of their home pursuing
A dangerous foe they cannot see and turning
Blind to the fact that their angel had lost her wings during
The battle inside her.

She lost.

She now understands
Understands that her words will not be heard
Understand the World thinks her thoughts are all blurred
Because the organ she carries inside her deterred
The ability of her brain to process complicated information.

She now understands
Understands that in order to survive she must fight
Must fight for the right of the blight to be slight
Quite rightly for slight it must be
Must be slight for her to be free
Free from the shackles this blighted world put on her
Blighted world sickly imposes rules which occur
They occur to help maintain societies norms
Norms formed to oppress rather than inform
For they understand that ultimately
That information would let her be free

And those shackles that bound her to a fate so obtuse
The misinformation that only garnered abuse
Abuse for the organs which let her reproduce
A powerful people a loose obtuse reproduced nation
Who used their power to put that noose on relations
Would be crushed by her power and rise from frustration
To build a foundation for a new generation of change!

But right now she sits quietly behind you and me
Unassuming, quite shy but waiting for the key
The key to unlock her immeasurable potential
Essential exponential potential
Inside her
to take over the whole world!

Today Pinky, we take over the World!



  1. May i join you? This sounds like it could be alikkle bit of fun.

    Comment by 31337 — March 26, 2008 @ 12:22 pm | Reply

  2. Absolutely Three one three three seven!

    Comment by Gloriyah — March 26, 2008 @ 3:34 pm | Reply

  3. First of all, for using Pinky and the ___ (you choose, brain or girl), you’re my heroine.

    (God, it must be the blood.)

    Then, I’m printing this here poem. 🙂

    Comment by The 27th Comrade — March 26, 2008 @ 5:23 pm | Reply

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