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March 2, 2008

My soft pink insides

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Pink Room

I like the color pink. I’m a very girly kinda girl who likes flowers butterflies and rainbows cutting through fluffy clouds. If you will, imagine my delight when I was led to this very pink girly room to occupy while I stay with my brother and sister-in-law for a little while.

In my quest for a greater level of self awareness there was a foray into the exploration of my masculine side. The exploration did not yield anything I’m willing to share, however, I will say it was rather unsuccessful. Simple living forced upon college students everywhere is the most obvious reason why jeans and tees become the equivalent of a uniform of sorts, and because jeans are made to fit people with nass (nass = no ass) in general, one finds one’s self draped in denim too large for the waist, too long in the leg in order to circle one’s hips. One also finds that shirts in general, are created for people with noobs (I guess you know where I’m going with this), so that when one is done clothing one’s self, the end result either makes you look like you’re dressed in your big brother’s clothes or they’re so tight you look like a hoochie.

My momma didn’t raise no hoochies so 6 years of school went by with me looking like I’d borrowed my non-existent big brother’s clothes. Quite unflattering and shades most of us gray as though we lack personality and preference. And the rigor of my program dictated that my predisposition for fancy girly clothing be minimized in order to be successfully completed.

I looked at my clothes the other day.

  • Men’s Shirts (coz they’re made 1/2 way decent)
  • Jeans and large legged pants (the Lord generously gave)
  • Men’s Nikes (the only variety)
  • Sports socks
  • Wife beaters
  • Tons of Tees
  • Polo shirts, men’s
  • Pink night clothes!!! (YAY!)

The expression of my girly-girl center expresses itself in the warm striped Mary Jane slippers I sleep in. Striped in pink a white, these veritable soft sleeping slippers are fuzzy and have two hearts embroidered into them. The strap that goes across my foot is white and clasped by a clear pink button. The bottom of the slippers is patterned with pink heart shaped rubbers thingies so I won’t slip in bed! Tee hee! Oh and my pajamas are pink too with the phrase “to hot to handle” printed all over them.

My girly nature rears it’s obstinate head when I’m selecting the particular way I’m going to polish my nails this week. I’ve been sporting 1/2 pale lavender and 1/2 hot pink on each nail divided right in the middle. I think this week, I’m going for a pale lavender, or opal pink with dark maroon tips… We’ll see!

The girl inside me peeks out when I’m deciding how to wear my twists for the week. Beaded clasp? Jeweled pin? Headband? Nothing but my gorgeously twisted napps glistening in the sunlight full of healthy oils?

For all my men’s clothes wearing ways I think my soft pink insides are still showing.



  1. Um, what are wife beaters?

    Comment by Carlo — March 3, 2008 @ 7:17 am | Reply

  2. Gundi, you need to throw away that men’s voop. You can’t have a stuffed thingy and men’s voop as well. I protest! My sister is ALL girly-girl and I want her back.

    Comment by tumwijuke — March 3, 2008 @ 9:21 am | Reply

  3. @Carlo – wife beaters are also known as muscle shirts.

    @Tumwijuke – I wish I had my own tailor. They make women’s professional clothes like crap out here coz even people with A- cups want to have voluptuous curves and pouring cleavages so the shirts are so tight!

    Comment by imnxtac — March 3, 2008 @ 1:35 pm | Reply

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