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February 20, 2008


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TV Show: Stargate Atlantis
Book: Lord of the Rings
Tongue ring: Secure. Still want  an acrylic one

Today I watched The Bridge and all I can say is wow.

Once in 2003 I experienced my first real heartbreak and I literally felt a soreness in my chest and after driving around for a while I came to a set of rail road tracks and sat there for a minute. I thought all about the people who had chosen to end their misery by sitting on tracks while a train was coming. I didn’t want to end my own, but I needed something to take care of the ache I felt.

In watching this documentary I felt such empathy for these people who didn’t feel that there was any solution to their problems. Their family members talked about them and the camera guys talked about the experience of watching a person take their own life.

It was horrific and beautiful, some of them struggled with the decision as they balanced on the ledge, like the girl shown in the picture, giving another person the chance to grab onto them and pull them to safety. Others made sure no one was watching them and then suddenly climbed over the barrier and jumped into the water. All that people would be left with is the sickening sound of a body splashing into the water.

There was the story of one guy that was followed from the beginning and it ended with him suddenly standing on the rail and falling backwards into the water which he hit head-first. He’d suffered heartbreak from a relationship he had been pursuing and he’d stacked all his hopes on it. It was over – the girl was probably a barracuda of sorts and didn’t realize how fragile this man was. He had difficulty finding work and the morning he jumped he’d been offered a management position. It was just heart breaking.

I’m still reeling.


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  1. Ey, this heartbreak shit is real. But suicide is not really my kind of thing. Yet.

    Comment by The 27th Comrade — February 21, 2008 @ 5:28 am | Reply

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