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December 25, 2007

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Song: Happy Birthday Baby Jesus
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Photo: Winter in Houston (Downtown)
Growing up sometimes Christmas involved visiting my grandparents who lived in “the village,” a rural town that had no electricity or running water. When my dad finally had a parish in 1988 we stopped going to the village and instead had to figure out a different way to make Christmas exciting.

Turns out we were all musically/theatrically inclined and loved to visit one of the bigger churches to see their plays and sing along during their carol services. Dad laid down the law and said it was okay if we visited other churches, but we had to bring back the good stuff and create something interesting for ourselves that we would enjoy. He gave us free rein and we ran with it. Soon every Christmas, Easter and Summer (just for the heck of it, even though there is no summer at the equator) we had a major production that included skits, choreographed dances, tons of singing of all kinds and it was amazing! Friday night of any weekend we chose, we’d have anywhere between 4-5 shows. We brought in the crowds and enjoyed every moment of it.

We’ve gone on to become lawyer, engineer, journalist, worship leader, DJ… and sometimes I find myself longing for those times that we rushed home for dinner after a dress rehearsal, with about 30 cast members of the production, hurriedly devoured the delicious food Mom prepared, ran out of the house promising to do dishes when we got back home and worked hard to calm the crazy chaos of frenzied butterflies that had lodged themselves firmly in our bellies.

It’s Christmas eve. I’m in a new town nearly 8,500 miles and 7 years from those memories, cursing the nearby church for not having Christmas services or Christmas productions I can be a part of. I’m left watching Clash of the Choirs hosted by NBC.

There is the feeling of Christmas at our house. A tree that is decorated and has two boxes underneath it. My best friend worked so hard to get me that tree! Two little friends of mine got me presents and couldn’t wait for me to wake up so I could open them up. Their eagerness to give me presents and their absolute cuteness at keeping it all hush hush so it could be a surprise was so touching. It remained a secret for a week which is pretty awesome for a 4 year old and a 9 year old.

It reminded me of the year my parents introduced secret Santas to us which eventually graduated into a Christmas allowance from which everybody’s presents would come. The excitement at picking out a present for someone and making sure they didn’t see you as you selected flowery handkerchiefs or a perfume or whatever was amazing. Then watching them open the gifts felt even better. I wish I could say that the only motivation was giving gifts. LOL!

Just reminiscing.

(Happy Birthday Jesus!)


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  1. merry christmas!

    Comment by aegeus — December 25, 2007 @ 4:19 pm | Reply

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