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December 11, 2007

San Antonio

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Went to San Antonio today. I think I was on the wrong side of town coz it did not look like this picture I found on the internet! I was just there for a little while and didn’t like it!

Kathy Griffin said Kuwait smelled like one big fart. I guess she hasn’t been to Houston or Austin or San Antonio. Damn! I think it has to do with the oil refineries on the outskirts of the city which are producing tons of pollution. In a couple of years there are going to be some amazing mutations in the area – nothing like Heroes though – and I’ll be in a cleaner greener city pointing and laughing!

Since it was introduced to me, I’ve been passionate about green building and green cities. Since I moved to Houston where people pride themselves on the size of their cars (green house gas emissions), houses (electricity, water, excercise), meal sizes (girth) and their inability to recycle, I’ve been looking for some other city to move to!

The thing that really bothers me is the attitude towards preserving the environment that is lacking this side of the Atlantic. A class I took in the spring provided some really shocking details that confused and bothered me. A law was passed in the 70s that ordered car manufacturers to make their cars fuel efficient. They had to hit the 28 mile-per-gallon mark in order to be sold to the American public. However, because the transportation of goods and services across the country is vital, large trucks that use diesel couldn’t be controlled under this law. Mind you, the people who brought this to the attention of the law makers were lobbyists belonging (hey, if you’re paid then you belong to the person who pays you, right?) to these car manufacturers and oil companies! Needless to say, the car companies built gas guzzling SUVs that under the new terms were classified as trucks and therefore unregulated by the 70s law.

These lobbyists study government officials, see their clothes, see what cars they drive, get to know their families and end up purchasing officials to sign bills that suggest changes in favor of their employers. Everybody is getting their pockets lined and promises are made to provide financial aid for the next campaign trail. Forget the constituents who voted them in office and what their needs are. As long as you can build a mansion in Vulgaria who gives a shit? It’s all one big fucking circus! I participated in Model United Nations in Chicago and New York and we were taught how to be aggressive and how to form unholy allies in order to achieve a common goal. It is wicked! There is no way politicians are returning as anything but cockroaches or some other similarly vile vermin type!

Makes me wonder how come Ugandan’s haven’t discovered the power of lobbyists. Maybe the developers of the Lugogo By Pass Cemetery would be able to develop during the light of day! (See story by UgandanInsomniac)

We have a van but we’re now driving a Toyota Matrix. $20 of gas took us 200+ miles today. Pretty good! I’m happy with the choice even though it seems like the car is falling apart. But in our own little way we’re doing something about the environment. Oh and we absolutely refuse to join in with the Resistance de Recyling (say it with a fancy french accent!).

BTW. The City I was born in was graded the 14th greenest city in the world and the greenest city in Africa!!! Wooo hooo!


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