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December 7, 2007

OUR Stories

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I am so SICK of Hollywood!

What a load of crap holding weenies!! Artists used to live, to bring serious stories of real life to us! Not the constant barrage of boring stories, could-have-been-better plot lines, the lives of the rich and famous, good-‘ol-whitey racing to save sad-sorry-diseased-africans from an inevitable fate, rich family stories, humorless sit coms…


All that’s left to watch is Dexter and South Park. Ugly Betty is at once my guilty pleasure and the itchy, puss-engorged thorn in my side. What is ugly about America Ferera?

america_ferrera1.jpg america_ferrara2.jpg

Apparently, according to those numb skulls writing this, the way to make a girl ugly is to give her braces, make sure her eyebrows are bushy, give her red glasses, a bad wig and mismatched clothes. Instead the standard of beauty is given to big nosed slutty heiresses. What a standard for our little girls!

Then again, you could ask, why do I watch the show? The architecture of the set!!!! I want an oval corridor in my building! Betty’s nephew. The gay boys (I’m the hag without a fag). And of course Betty herself.

Numerous discussions with my roommates have ended up with the exact same conclusion, Hollywood needs to BURN to the ground! The lack of originality has spawned thousands of animated movies because of the success of Nemo and Shrek. Now we have to be hounded by Seinfeld’s nasally narration while bees fly around. CGI has exploded and while it has facilitated the story telling of some of my favorites (Matrix, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Mr. Magorium’s Emporium and so on) sometimes all it does it make you EXHAUSTED.

This holiday I look forward to only two three movies. American Gangsta, The Golden Compass, and another installation of the Chronicles, Prince Caspian. (Watch the trailers!) 3 movies! 3!!! Arrrrrgh!!!!

But one thing irks me even more than a bad story, even more than a good story butchered, is a whitey-mighty story. I know black people do not have an in to Hollywood, and Tyler Perry only hires famous actors for his movies…

regina-king-all-star.jpgSpeaking of which… how old is Regina King?! Without all the makeup and what not, I’d say she was about 24-27! You go girl! And please… whoever told you about eyeshadow was LYING to you! WIPE IT OFF!

Our stories are getting told out there, by people who have not bothered to educate themselves about the history of the people of whom they write. From their lofty moral thrones, they write stories belittling our people, portraying them as rabid, disorganized and highly immoral creatures who would drop their lives to follow a corrupt leader. In their minds we are still slaves, degenerate and unable to raise ourselves from the bog we find ourselves trapped in.

The Last King of Scotland was hard to watch. The Lord of War made bile rise up in my throat. Now there is a piece about a whitey in Rwanda during the genocide which the world watched with horror and tsked at from a distance. Now they want to tell our stories?! HUH?!

You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me! And you know it’s some snot-nosed, unwashed, inbred, with no imagination writing the script (because there will be redundant phrases in the movie, like we’re not watching or something) and some hollywood exec employing young girls to be wives of old men (coz that’s what we do in Africa) imagining he’ll make a killing like the Last King did (East Africa is in these days. You should see the number of times Kampala, Entebbe, Mbale or Uganda is mentioned in the TV shows).

Ah well. It’s going to be a long winter!

If we ever needed a savior, the time would be NOW!


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  1. Another good movie to look forward to “No Country for Old Men.”

    Holler when you go on rampage. I’ll join you. Watched Heartbreak Kid on Sunday courtesy of Mama Jotham. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Did I say horrible? Horrible!

    Comment by tumwijuke — December 7, 2007 @ 6:46 pm | Reply

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