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November 14, 2007

Things to do

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My best friend and I are goofy and often do things people around us do not really understand. Sunday night we were watching some of our recorded shows and were a little distracted by a “conversation” we were having. vendetta-009.jpg

We started with the bowling pins and ended with sign language and it’s all one conversation.

Tuesday I had a conversation with myself.


So my bff decided to ask me to design a tattoo for her. Boy, have I ever been challenged this much or what. Here are todays trials in the order in which they were thought up.


I love graffiti and really don’t understand when some people say it isn’t art. Hip hop music, rap and graffiti are not art. Hmm…. I wonder what the stipulation here is. I love it. I’m trying to learn.


Human forms are not really my thing. But the grabbing hand motion thing might just be the part that makes the tattoo.


praying hands… so predictable, eh? Ah well. I got the idea from the Oral Robert’s Sculpture. It’s a little pretentious so… I tried something else.


Now this one is way too cheesy! Anyone who knows bff knows that this one will never make the cut. Ah well. It was fun to draw.


Couldn’t figure out how to make eyes and words go together. Should the words go between the eyes or what? thought the pupils could be the first and last letters of the word. Too embarrassed to post that one. Tee hee!

As part of this project I had to restore some brush pens I got from Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago. I have two nieces (by proxy, they’re not really mine) and we’d shared the brushes till they got dry. But growing up in Africa teaches you some ingenious ways to restore markers. I spent the morning restoring the brushes and cleaning up and the cleaning paper towel ended up with the most interesting pattern. I liked it so I dried it and kept it. I think I’ll do one of my famous doodles on them.


Again I ask, why did I spend the last coupla years becoming an engineer?


Ah well! Tell me what you think!



  1. interesting…the doodles in the notebook grabbed me…why and engineer anyhow? 🙂

    Comment by aegeus — November 15, 2007 @ 4:59 am | Reply

  2. I wonder that myself many times. Coz whenever I suggested something my parents would poo poo it to oblivion. I had to do something solid and concrete.

    Comment by imnxtac — November 15, 2007 @ 7:46 pm | Reply

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