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November 9, 2007

This is why I’m hot!

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How do you like the picture? Huh? Huh?

My hair is black and shiny. It is strong and healthy. The natural kink in it makes it look full.

This is my goal! http://public.fotki.com/Kemi21/hair/june-2007/dscn1238.html. Get a load of that!!!

My hair is a political statement and I insist on speaking in loud tones. It is a commentary on the oppression of black women that continues to permeate all facets of the society. It’s a loud declaration that I believe chocolate brown skin, kinky hair, red lips and dark gums (or light gums) are beautiful.

For many years we have believed a lie. The lie that a woman’s skin color and hair texture has got to be as close to the white woman ideal as possible. So we tease and pull and practically poison our hair and skin into conforming to those ideals. We’re lied to when we’re told that it makes our hair more manageable and more energy and money is spent on enabling that concept than figuring out how to manage our natural kinky hair.

My hair has got to be one of the more kinky types out there. According to one system, my hair is type 4b or 4c or something like that. Who cares?! It was Oprah’s stylist who came up with that system *rolling eyes*. But seriously, my hair curls to a complete o the size of the o on your screen when it’s sprinkled with water.

As a professional woman trying to make it in a professional world controlled by men who have fashioned bras to their liking, which means lots of cleavage and painful underwires; they’ve dictated what professional looks like – high heels, panty hose (or shaved legs), pencil skirts (forget your trousers), and blouses (YUKK!); they’ve instructed us on what sexy is about, long straight hair, reddened lips and who else knows.

I’m sick of it. From this point on, I determine what is sexy, professional and fashionable.

A Photographer Okhai Ojeikere, dedicated himself to taking pictures of black hair styles. Check out some of the pictures



  1. You are back! Yay!

    From one nappy headed ho to another, you go girl!

    Comment by tumwijuke — November 9, 2007 @ 4:04 am | Reply

  2. heey!

    thanx for the welcome back and whatnot 🙂

    so glad you visit!

    Comment by imnxtac — November 9, 2007 @ 6:39 am | Reply

  3. wow your hair looks so long! proud of you!

    Comment by rachel — November 13, 2007 @ 10:51 pm | Reply

  4. cheesin!

    Comment by imnxtac — November 14, 2007 @ 7:18 am | Reply

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